Truck Packages
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Truck TypeGrip OnlyGrip + Tungsten Package
1 Ton (equip list)290.00 /day690.00 /day
3 Ton (equip list)350.00 /day785.00 /day
5 Ton (equip list)400.00 /day995.00 /day
10 Ton (equip list)450.00 /day1195.00 /day

Truck Comparison
10 Ton5 Ton3 Ton1 Ton
100A Bates 5-Outlet Edison Box4322
100A Bates Extension Cable 25'2224
100A Bates Extension Cable 50'6420
100A Fuse (Spare)2222
100A Male Bates to 2-100A Females (Twofer)2220
100A Male to 2-60A Fused Female (Splitter)6644
120v Snakebite Male Cam to 2/100A Female4322
2/0 Jumper 10'0000
400 Amp Camlok Distro Box (Thru Box)0111
600 Amp Camlok 30Phase Distro Box (Thru Box)2100
60A Bates 6-Outlet Edison Box4444
60A Bates Extension Cable 25'2224
60A Bates Extension Cable 50'6420
60A Fuse (Spare)4444
60A Male Bates to 2-60A Females (Twofer)2000
Bare End Tie In's #2 4-Wire0001
Bare End Tie In's #2 5-Wire1110
Bare End Tie In's 2/0 5-Wire1000
Bullswitch 200A 3 Phase1111
Camlok Threefer Ground1100
Camlok Threefer Hot4400
Camlok Twofer Ground4333
Camlok Twofer Hot12999
Cube Tap8666
Extension Cable ? 25'30252016
Extension Cable ? 50'10866
Feeder 25' 5-Wire Banded0000
Feeder 50' #2 Single Strand4400
Feeder 50' 2/0 Single Strand5500
Feeder 50' 4-Wire Banded10864
Feeder 50' 5-Wire Banded0000
Female Camlok to Male Mole Pin6633
Female to Female Camlok2220
Ground Lift Adapter4444
In-Line Dimmers - 1000w2222
In-Line Dimmers - 2000w2221
Large Trico Tie In's #2 4-Wire0001
Lunchpail - 100A Bates with 10-Edison Outlets2200
Male Camlok to Female Mole Pin3333
Male to Male Camlok2220
Variacs - 1000w2111
Variacs - 2000w0000
1"x12"x12' Lumber0222
1"x12"x16' Lumber2000
1"x4" x 12' Lumber10864
2"x12"x12' Lumber2200
2"x4"x12' Lumber4444
2"x4"x16' Lumber4000
2"x6"x12' Lumber4422
2"x6"x16' Lumber4000
4'x4'x3/4" Plywood1111
4'x8'x1/8" Luan6432
4'x8'x3/4" Plywood6432
1/2 CTB1111
1/2 CTO1111
1/2 CTS1110
1/2 Minus Green1111
1/2 Plus Green1111
1/2 White Diffusion - 2501111
1/4 CTB1111
1/4 CTO1111
1/4 CTS1110
1/4 MinusGreen1111
1/4 Plus Green1111
1/4 White Diffusion - 2511111
1/8 CTB1111
1/8 CTO1111
1/8 CTS1110
1/8 Minus Green1111
1/8 Plus Green1111
1/8 White Diffusion - 2521111
24" Cinefoil1111
48" Wide 1000H Tracing Paper1111
72" Wide 1000H Tracing Paper1111
Gold Mylar1111
Hampshire Frost - 2531111
Light Grid Cloth1111
Light Opal Tough Frost1111
Light Tough Spun1111
Minus Green1111
Opal Tough Frost1111
Plus Green1111
Sheets of Lee 106 - Primary Red4443
Sheets of RoscoLux 15 - Deep Straw4443
Sheets of RoscoLux 312 - Canary Yellow4443
Sheets of RoscoLux 339 - Broadway Pink4443
Sheets of RoscoLux 389 - Chroma Green4443
Sheets of RoscoLux 80 - Primary Blue4443
Silver Mylar1111
Tough Rolux1111
Tough White Diffusion - 2161111
1 By Holder2222
10' Prolyte Triangular Truss0000
10' Speed Rail - 1.25"4000
12"x18" Double Scrim3211
12"x18" Flag4322
12"x18" Silk2111
12"x18" Single Scrim3211
12' Speed Rail - 1.25"4000
12'x12' Black & White Griffolyn2211
12'x12' Chroma Blue Screen Fabric0000
12'x12' Chroma Green Screen Fabric0000
12'x12' Double Scrim1211
12'x12' Frame2211
12'x12' Silk2211
12'x12' Single Scrim1211
12'x12' Solid Black2211
18"x24" Celo Cookie1100
18"x24" Double Scrim4322
18"x24" Flag8644
18"x24" Open 1" Aluminum Frame2200
18"x24" Silk2212
18"x24" Single Scrim4322
18"x48" Cutter2222
20' Speed Rail - 1.25"6000
20'x20' Black & White Griffolyn1100
20'x20' Chroma Blue Screen Fabric0000
20'x20' Chroma Green Screen Fabric0000
20'x20' Double Scrim1000
20'x20' Frame0100
20'x20' Silk1100
20'x20' Single Scrim1000
20'x20' Solid Black1100
20'x20' Speedrail Frame1000
20'x40' Blue Screen Fabric Only0000
20'x40' Green Screen Fabric Only0000
24"x36" Celo Cookie2111
24"x36" Double Scrim6442
24"x36" Flag10864
24"x36" Open 1" Aluminum Frame4322
24"x36" Silk3322
24"x36" Single Scrim6442
24"x72" Cutter2111
24"x72" Flop Down Cutter2111
2x4 Holder - Fits in Junior Grip Head2200
30"x36" Reflectors0000
30'x40' Silk Fabric Only0000
4' Speed Rail - 1.25"2000
42"x42" Open 1" Aluminum Frame0200
42"x42" Reflectors4422
48"x48" Celo Cookie1111
48"x48" Double Scrim2221
48"x48" Flop Down Cutter8542
48"x48" Open 1" Aluminum Frame8643
48"x48" Silk2211
48"x48" Single Scrim2221
4x4 Cart1100
5' Prolyte Triangular Truss0000
6'x6' Black & White Griffolyn1111
6'x6' Double Scrim1111
6'x6' Frame1111
6'x6' Silk1111
6'x6' Single Scrim1111
6'x6' Solid Black1111
8' Speed Rail - 1.25"4000
8'x8' Black & White Griffolyn1111
8'x8' Double Scrim1111
8'x8' Frame1111
8'x8' Silk1111
8'x8' Single Scrim1111
8'x8' Solid Black1111
Aluminum Grid/Rigging-Pipe - 10' x 1.5"0655
Aluminum Grid/Rigging-Pipe - 5' x 1.5"0211
Apple Boxes - Full8664
Apple Boxes - Half8664
Apple Boxes - Pancake8644
Apple Boxes - Quarter8664
C-Boom Clamp2111
C-Clamps - 1"6644
C-Clamps - 2"6644
C-Clamps - 4"8844
C-Clamps - 6"4444
C-Stand Cart1000
Crowder Hangers2222
Cup Blocks - each0000
Cup Blocks - Set of 121111
Doorway Dolly1100
Dot Set - 18 pc1111
Finger Set - 18 pc1111
Flag Cart1100
Flex Arm1110
Foamcore Holder2111
Furniture Pads/Packing Blankets15121010
Grid Pipe Couplers - 1.5"0433
Grip Clips - #160606050
Grip Clips - #230303020
Grip Clips - #3101088
Grip Saver2100
Grip/Electric Workbox1111
Head Cart2322
Ladder - 10' Fiberglass Double Sided0111
Ladder - 12' Fiberglass Double Sided1100
Ladder - 24' Fiberglass Extension1000
Ladder - 4' Fiberglass Double Sided1111
Ladder - 6' Fiberglass Double Sided1111
Ladder - 8' Fiberglass Double Sided1100
Meyerboro II2222
Modern Studio Open Frame Pins2222
Sandbags - 35lb0000
Sandbags ? 20lb45352516
Scaffolding - 5'x7' Complete 1 High Tower2100
Scaffolding Riser Section 5'x7'2200
Shotbags - 20lb 15 15 101515106
Speed Rail Frame Corners - 1.25"8000
Speed Rail Frame Sliders - 1.25"5000
Speed Rail Pipe Couplers - 1.25"0000
Stair Blocks - Set of 41100
Swivel Cheeseboro4000
Taco Cart1111
Tent Stakes - Heavy Duty141086
Track Wedges (24) & Cribbing (12) - Sets2211
Truss to Junior Stand Adapter0000
Wallspreader - 2x42211
10K Baby Tener Solarspots2100
1K Baby Solarspots6444
1K Mickey Moles4422
1K Molepars (FFN Very Narrow Lamp)2222
200w Midget Solarspots0000
200w Mini Mole Solarspots4444
2K 8" Junior Solarspots6644
2K Baby Junior Solarspost2000
2K Baby Zip Softlights2222
2K Mighty Moles6422
300w Betweenie Solarspots2200
4K Baby Softllights1100
5K Baby Senior Solarspots3322
650w Tweenie II Solarspost4444
750w Baby Softlights4222
Kino Flo Diva 400 Kit 5600 & 3200 lamps0010
Molesnoots 8" Junior/Baby Junior2222
Molesnoots Baby2222
Molesnoots Mini2222
Molesnoots Tweenie/Betweenie/Midget2222
Nine Light Molefays (FCX Lamps)4422
Tota Light Kit (401K's)1111
100w Household4444
1200' Box of 1/4" Hemp1000
40w Household4444
50' Section 1/2" Hemp2222
50' Section 1/4" Hemp4444
600' Box of 3/8" Hemp1000
60w Household4444
75w Household4444
Add a Tap6444
ATG Tape - 3/4" Rolls4422
Baby Powder1111
BBA 250w Photoflood4444
BCA 250w Blue Photoflood4444
Black & White 4'x8' Foamcore8543
Black & White Artcard10866
Black/Black 4'x8' Foamcore4222
Black/Black Artcard2222
Caution Tape - 300' Yellow1111
Duvetyne - open bolt1111
Duvetyne Scraps1111
EBW 500w Blue Photoflood4444
ECT 500w Photoflood4444
Gold Artcard - Pebbled2222
Gold Artcard - Smooth2222
Hanks #10 Sashcord2222
Hanks #4 Black Trick Line4222
Hanks #8 Black Sashcord2222
Hanks #8 Sashcord2222
Hardware Kit1111
Mirror Tiles - 6 Pack 12" x 12"1111
Paper Towel Rolls2211
PH211 75w Photoflood4444
PH212 150w Photoflood4444
PH213 250w Photoflood4444
Porcelain Sockets4422
Quick On Female Plugs6442
Quick On Male Plugs6444
Rubber Backed Carpet Scraps1111
Silver Artcard - Pebbled2222
Silver Artcard - Smooth2222
Tie Wraps, 6" Pack1111
Visqueen - Black 10'x25' 4 Mil1111
Visqueen - Clear 10'x25' 4 Mil1111
Warp Screen - Open Roll1111
White 4'x8' Foamcore8543
Wood Door Shims - pkg1111
Wooden Clothespins - Bags2211
Zip Cord Scraps1111
C-Clamp - 4" with Baby Pins2222
C-Clamp - 6" with Baby Pins2220
C-Clamp - 8" with Baby Pins2002
C-Clamp - 8" with Junior Receivers4212
Chain Vise Grip Baby Pin1111
Double Header - Baby0001
End Jaw Cardellini Clamp2222
Floor Spider (T-Bone)2111
Furniture Clamp Sliders ONLY4422
Furniture Clamps - 12" with Baby Pin1111
Furniture Clamps - 18" with Baby Pin2222
Furniture Clamps - 24" with Baby Pin1111
Gaffer Grips4444
Long Center Jaw Cardellini Clamp2222
Lowel Screw-In Studs4444
Mafer Clamps6644
Nail Plates - Junior6432
Nail Plates ? Baby12866
Pipe Clamps - Junior8845
Pipe Clamps ? Baby101088
Safety Cables30252020
Scissors Clamps with Baby Pin6666
Side Arm - Baby2111
Side Arm - Junior2111
Stand Adapters - Junior to Baby8864
Stand Extensions - Junior 36"4322
Telescoping Hangers - 10'0000
Telescoping Hangers - 6'0000
Triple Header - Baby1110
Triple Header - Junior2111
Vise Grip with Baby Pin1111
Wallslider - 2x4 w/Baby Pin and Jr. Receiver2000
3M 77 Spray Adhesive1111
Black Streaks & Tips1111
Brown Streaks & Tips1111
Dulling Spray1111
Flat Black Spray Paint1111
Flat White Spray Paint1111
Glass & Surface Cleaner1111
Silicone Spray1111
Silver Streaks & Tips1111
White Streaks & Tips1111
28" Stair Leg C-Stand w/ Head & 28" Arm4432
40" C+ Stand w/ Head & 40" Arm2111
40" C-Stand w/ Head & 40" Arm41073
40" Stair Leg C-Stand w/ Head & 40" Arm181076
Beefy Baby - Double Riser8644
Beefy Baby - Triple Riser8886
Combo Adapter Wheel Sets8543
Combo Stand - Aluminum Double Riser0003
Combo Stand - Double Riser4540
Combo Stand - Triple Riser12984
Extension Arm Stock, 20" x 5/8"6644
Grip Heads - 2-1/2" 1010866
Grip Heads - 4-1/2" (Junior) 1010864
High Roller Stand0000
High Walker Stand4442
Low Combo Stands4332
Low Rolling Fan Stand (Mole)1100
Mini Baby Stands3321
Mombo Adapter Wheel Sets0000
Mombo Combo Stands2000
1" Black & White Camera Tape2211
1" Black & White Paper Tape2211
2" Black & White Paper Tape2211
2" Black, Grey, & White Gaffer Tape2211
Bow Saw (Tree Pruning Saw)1111
Broom - Kitchen1111
Broom - Push1111
Circular Saw - 7-1/4"1111
Cover Rugs - 3'x5' Rubber Backed8644
Crow Bar1111
Dead Blow Hammer0011
Director's Chairs4422
Drywall T-Square - 4'1111
Dustpan & Brush1111
E-Track Locking Straps4211
Fire Extinguishers3322
First Aid Kit1111
Framing Hammer1111
Jumper Cables - 24' Set1111
Level - 4'1111
Loping Shear1110
Phillips Screwdrivers3333
Rake - Garden1111
Rake - Gravel1111
Rubber Mallet1100
Scissors Lift - Electric 26' High0000
Shovel - Garden1111
Shovel - Scoop1111
Sledgehammer - 8lb1111
Small Sledgehammer - 3lb1111
Tarp - 18'x24'2200
Tarp - 9'x12'2200
Traffic Cones8866